Backhoe Thumbs – Hydraulic and Fixed Thumb Attachments


              Backhoe Thumb Attachments

A hydraulic or fixed backhoe thumb have much more specific requirements since the stick rotates on the back of the machine itself, and is not in a fixed position, like it is on an excavator. This presents a few more complex problem when trying to connect extra hydraulic lines to add a backhoe thumb to your machine. Different manufacturers such as Deere, Caterpillar (Cat), Kubota, and Bobcat all have different takes on the same functions.

Since the danger of pinching a hydraulic line is much higher when mounting a backhoe thumb, extra considerations, and engineering is required to make sure the thumb operates flawlessly without and snags or binding of the hydraulic lines. Backhoe thumbs can be built just like a standard thumb, but consideration does need to be made for the sideways rotation of the stick. Please contact us using the form on the right hand side of this page or give us a call at the number listed above!