Case excavator and track hoe thumbs are another of our specialty. We have built a ton of these things for our customers and if we can finally get them to send us some pic of our thumbs mounted on their machines we will gladly post them! Like all manufacturers, Case Equipment builds many different types of machines from excavators and track hoes to back hoes and bulldozers. Back hoe thumbs are very tricky to build since they require more hydraulics integrated into the swivel of the stick compared to an excavator that has the entire cabin and engine compartment rotate on the tracks. Call us or use the contact form on the right side of this website for prices for your Case machine.

Case Excavator 2Case ExcavatorCase Excavator 3

We are working on compiling a list of all of the Case excavators we have built thumbs for over the years and will add that as well as pics here once we finally get that all put together.

If you would like us to build a hydraulic thumb for your Case track hoe, or a mechanical or no link thumb, give us a call. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Case Excavators

Case CX14
Case CX15B
Case CX16
Case CX17B
Case CX18B
Case CX20B
Case CX20B ZTS
Case CX22B
Case CX22B ZTS
Case CX25
Case CX26B
Case CX27
Case CX27B
Case CX27B ZTS
Case CX28
Case CX31
Case CX31B
Case CX31B ZTS
Case CX35
Case CX36
Case CX36B
Case CX36B ZTS
Case CX40B
Case CX40B ZTS
Case CX47
Case CX50
Case CX50B
Case CX50B ZTS
Case CX75MSR
Case CX75C SR
Case CX80
Case CX80C
Case CX88
Case CX130
Case CX130B
Case CX130C
Case CX135B
Case CX135MSR
Case CX145
Case CX145C SR
Case CX140
Case CX160
Case CX160B
Case CX160C
Case CX210
Case CX210B
Case CX210C
Case CX225MSR
Case CX235C SR
Case CX240B
Case CX240