Caterpillar Thumbs – Cat 304 Hydraulic Thumb Attachment


Hydraulic Thumbs for Caterpillar Excavators

If you own a Caterpillar 304 or 305 Excavator, we can provide you with a top quality hydraulic thumb, or a quick coupler for your machine.¬† Cat Excavators¬† are very popular and we have built many excavator thumbs for all models of Caterpillar heavy equipment.¬† Some of the machines below represent a partial list of the machines we have made heavy equipment attachments, quick couples, bushings, pins and excavator thumbs for. If you don’t see your machine listed, give us call! Chances are we just have not added it here yet!

Caterpillar Excavators
Cat 300.9D
Cat 301.4C
Cat 301.5
Cat 301.6
Cat 301.6C
Cat 301.8C
Cat 301.8
Cat 302.5C
Cat 302.5
Cat 303C CR
Cat 303 CR
Cat 303.5D CR
Cat 303.5C CR
Cat 303.5
Cat 304D CR
Cat 304 CR
Cat 304C CR
Cat 304.5
Cat 305D CR
Cat 305 CR
Cat 305C CR
Cat 305.5D CR
Cat 307B
Cat 307B SB
Cat 307C
Cat 307C SB
Cat 307D
Cat 308D CR
Cat 308C CR
Cat 308D CR SB