Hydraulic Thumb Pics


These are just a few pics of some of the projects we have worked on over the years. Some are taken in our shop. Others have been submitted by our customers. Click on any image to view larger pics and if you need anything from a bucket rebuild, to pins, bushings, a new thumb etc..  JUST GIVE US A CALL!

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7-9-12 0661-1-12 211 7-9-12 097 P1000435 7-9-12 0701-1-12 216 7-9-12 062pins-bushings-2lg1-1-12 2127-9-12 0957-9-12 0565-27-11 1181-1-12 2155-27-11 100MEMO0060    MEMO0064 MEMO0054 DSCF4900  5-27-11 0485-27-11 1205-27-11 1215-27-11 123 5-27-11 114DSCF0993 thumb outside lifting rock tn1  thumb outside lifting rock smthumb6 bobcat2  superthumb 4-1-12 073 thumb4 DSC05982  5-27-11 273thumb in shop open view