Komatsu Hydraulic Excavator Thumbs


Komatsu hydraulic thumbs, just like any other attachment, can be a bit hard to find for your specific machine. We have made dozens (maybe as many as 200!) thumbs for Komatsu excavators. While many other brands track hoes may have exact dimensions as each other, the Komatsu machines pretty much have their own specific requirements. Different models will have different sizes of pins and degrees of bucket rotation so making sure you get a hydraulic bucket thumb that fits your machine exactly is very important.

Some of our competitors will sell the exact same thumb and make up the differences in pin sizes, width, and length by simply adding a bushing here or there. This wears out the equipment much faster than something that was specifically built for your machine. Part of the reason that we design each thumb specifically for each individual machine is because the manufacturers will make small changes from one model year to the next and these changes can mean a lot when adding a new attachment to any machine whether it is a Komatsu excavator, or any other brand.

Call us and tell us about your machine and have us design the right thumb, whether it be mechanical or hydraulic, progressive or no link thumb for your Komatsu track hoe.

Komatsu excavator 1