How To Order



Once you have decided to order an attachment from Tom's Thumbs this is how your order will be processed.

1) We will provide a worksheet for you to record measurements off of your machine and fax back to us. You can download the worksheet here.

2) We will use the measurements provided by you to design the attachment(s) to optimize it's performance on your specific machine.

3) We will build the attachment and ship it to you.

Most orders will take two weeks to process, from the time we take a deposit on your order until we are ready to ship it to you.


When the worksheet is returned to us we will take a fifty percent deposit to start work on your attachment. Once we order materials for your attachment this deposit becomes nonrefundable.

When we have completed work on the attachment and are ready to ship, we require the balance due to be paid in full before shipment.

All sales are final.