Excavator Thumb Plans – Backhoe Thumb Plan


We get a lot of inquiries from people looking to buy our excavator thumb plans or a backhoe thumb plan. While we had a lot of positive feedback with our bucket thumb plans we also experienced the negative side effect of people stealing the plans and selling them as their own. We actually do not sell them any longer as we learned the hard way that other manufacturers were buying our plans, then building our thumb kits and selling them using our hard work. Another issue we had was people would modify our excavator thumb plans then modify them for whatever reason. Then they would call and declare that there was a problem. Well each time that happened we found that the problem was always with the modifications that the user made and not with our original engineered drawing.  It just became a time waster for us so we decided in 2011 to no longer offer our plans for sale.


Remember that each machine is different and certain years of a particular machine may have a slightly different measurement than a previous year. Your thumb really needs to be engineered specifically for your machine. Call us for specifics and we are happy to offer any help we can.


thumb-drawings-3 thumb-drawings-2