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Hey Tom!
Hope all is well with you and your family !
Well just thought I would send you a picture of the Thumb installed on the machine!
What a nice piece of Hardware!I must tell you ! It was a pleasure doing business with you !
The thumb fit was perfect ! It must be a little concerning designing and producing a piece from someone’s (that you never dealt with before) measurements !
Anyway just want you to know I appreciated the time and effort you put into this project!
Thank you,

Mike M
College Point NY
Machine: Komatsu PC45

.Mike M thumb 3

Pickin’ fleas off the dog now!!!  Got it all mounted now, used it a bit and it’s very clear that your design is extremely PERFECT!!!!!
Thanks a bunch again Tom!  I wish your autograph was on the thumb!

Bruce A
Ontario, Canada
Machine -JD 35ZTS

Bruce A Thumb

Michelle thank you, and Tom, for the professional and expeditions way in which you conduct your business. In a world where the majority of the companies claims to know everything and do nothing yours is a breath of fresh air. If the thumb is a measure of  your business I’m sure it will give me many, many great years of service.

Frank S
Shelton, CT
Machine – IHI 35NX

Got the thumb on Thursday, and we welded it on Friday night. Works great. Glad I spend the money to go with a quality thumb. Moved a 1500-2000 lb stumb with it on Sat,and a bunch of logs. I dont think I could bend it if I tried. I justhave to have a lighter touch when I grab branchs because that thumb will force the branch down between the teeth and shear them right in two.
Thanks for the quality product.

If you remember I own a machine/weld shop but didn’t want to put the time/money/effort into building one myself. Decided to buy one instead. Glad I did. I try not to ABUSE my equipment, but it does get used hard. I used that thumb to clear logging tree tops this winter. I moved over 100 logs and about 20 cord of firewood. Its been amazing. The geometry is worked out exactly and the thing is rock solid. Its hard to grab a log exactly in the center, and sometime thethumb gets sideloaded or a twisting load. No issue, no bending. Its perfect.

Mike F
Lititz PA
Machine:Kubota KX61.