Hitachi Excavators – Thumbs for Hitachi Trackhoes


We can also build hydraulic thumbs and attachments for any trackhoe, backhoe, or excavator. All of the machines listed below manufactured by Hitachi are of different sizes and abilities. It is very important when ordering your Hitachi thumb that you follow our instructions to provide us with the most accurate measurements possible when ordering your bucket thumb.

Hitachi Excavator Hitachi Excavator 2 Hitachi Excavator 3

Hitachi EX8
Hitachi EX8-2B
Hitachi ZX10U
Hitachi ZX10U-2
Hitachi EX12
Hitachi EX12-2
Hitachi ZX14
Hitachi ZX14-3
Hitachi ZX14-3CLR
Hitachi EX15
Hitachi EX16
Hitachi EX16-2
Hitachi EX16-2B
Hitachi ZX17U
Hitachi ZX17U-2
Hitachi ZX17u-2CLR
Hitachi ZX18
Hitachi ZX18-3
Hitachi ZX18-3CLR
Hitachi EX20
Hitachi EX20U
Hitachi EX20UR-2
Hitachi AX22
Hitachi EX22
Hitachi EX22-2
Hitachi ZX22
Hitachi ZX22U-2
Hitachi ZX22U-2CLR
Hitachi EX24
Hitachi AX25
Hitachi EX25
Hitachi EX25-2
Hitachi ZX25
Hitachi ZX25CLR
Hitachi EX26
Hitachi EX27
Hitachi ZX27
Hitachi ZX27-3
Hitachi ZX27U
Hitachi ZX27U-2
Hitachi ZX27U-2CLR
Hitachi ZX27U-3
Hitachi EX29U
Hitachi ZX29U
Hitachi ZX29U-3
Hitachi ZX29U-3CLR
Hitachi AX30
Hitachi AX30-2
Hitachi EX30
Hitachi EX30-2
Hitachi EX30U
Hitachi EX30U-3
Hitachi EX30UR
Hitachi EX30UR-2
Hitachi EX30UR-2C
Hitachi EX30UR-3
Hitachi EX8
Hitachi ZX30
Hitachi ZX30CLR
Hitachi ZX30U
Hitachi ZX30U-2
Hitachi ZX30U-3
Hitachi EX33MU
Hitachi EX33U
Hitachi ZX33
Hitachi EX35
Hitachi EX35-2
Hitachi EX35U
Hitachi ZX35
Hitachi ZX35U
Hitachi ZX35U-2
Hitachi ZX35U-3
Hitachi ZX35CLR
Hitachi ZX35UNA-2
Hitachi EX40
Hitachi EX40-1
Hitachi EX40-2
Hitachi EX40U
Hitachi EX40UR-2
Hitachi EX40UR-2C
Hitachi ZX40
Hitachi ZX40U
Hitachi ZX40U-2
Hitachi ZX40U-3
Hitachi EX45
Hitachi EX45-2
Hitachi ZX48U-3
Hitachi EX50
Hitachi EX50U
Hitachi EX50UR
Hitachi EX50URG
Hitachi ZX50
Hitachi ZX50CLR
Hitachi ZX50U
Hitachi ZX50U-2
Hitachi ZX50U-2CLR
Hitachi ZX50UNA-2
Hitachi ZX50U-3
Hitachi ZX52U-3
Hitachi ZX52U-3CLR
Hitachi EX55UR
Hitachi EX55UR-3
Hitachi EX55URG
Hitachi AX58MU
Hitachi EX60
Hitachi EX60-1
Hitachi EX60-2
Hitachi EX60URG
Hitachi ZX60USB-3
Hitachi EX75UR
Hitachi EX75UR-3
Hitachi EX75UR-5
Hitachi EX75US
Hitachi ZX75US-3
Hitachi EX80
Hitachi EX80-5
Hitachi EX80U
Hitachi ZX80
Hitachi EX85UR-3
Hitachi ZX85US-3
Hitachi ZX85USB-3
Hitachi EX90
Hitachi EX90-1
Hitachi EX100
Hitachi EX100-2
Hitachi EX100-3
Hitachi EX100-5
Hitachi EX100M-5
Hitachi ZX110
Hitachi ZX110M
Hitachi EX120
Hitachi EX120-2
Hitachi EX120-5
Hitachi ZX120
Hitachi ZX120-3
Hitachi EX120-5
Hitachi EX130H-5
Hitachi ZX130-5
Hitachi ZX135US
Hitachi ZX135US-3
Hitachi ZX135US-5
Hitachi EX150LC-5
Hitachi ZX160LC
Hitachi ZX160LC-5
Hitachi ZX180LC
Hitachi ZX180LC-3
Hitachi ZX180LCN
Hitachi ZX180LCN-3
Hitachi ZX180LC-5
Hitachi EX200
Hitachi EX200-5
Hitachi EX200LC-5
Hitachi ZX200
Hitachi ZX200-3
Hitachi ZX200LC
Hitachi ZX200LC-3